Our aged goat cheese selection is the result of carefully hand-crafted, artisan cheese making using the finest milk from our very own Nubian and La Mancha dairy goat herd. We craft both raw (aged over 60 days) and pasteurized cheeses using what we like to think of as old-world meets new world techniques. Seasonally available cheeses will be added when mature. 

Chevre is French for goat cheese. Ours has a fresh, creamy and very clean flavor. These young, fresh cheeses represent the flavor and freshness of our farm’s milk. Made over a three-day period, using traditional French technique, our chevre is nothing short of amazing! We provide a line of plain, savory and sweet chevre for you to enjoy!

Chevre freezes well so you can load up! Thaw the night before in the refrigerator. Our fresh Chevre has a 2-3 week shelf life in the refrigerator.  

Our hard cheeses are vacuum sealed and will last indefinitely in the refrigerator.  




Your choice of six Door County Creamery's fresh Chèvres packed in a custom stamped rustic gift box...treat someone (or yourself).Flavor choices: Plain, Fresh Herb, Wild Ramp, Toasted Onion, PepperJack, Cherry, Pimento, Truffle, Smoked...
The ABSOLUTE BEST GIFT EVER!! Includes Door County Creamery's Communion Cheddar, Marinated Feta, Farmhouse Brick, Original Goat Feta, your choice of TWO fresh chevres, Smoked Goat Jerky Sausage, Olli's Toscano Salami, Artisan Crackers, Famous Kream...
Includes Door County Creamery's Communion Goat Cheddar, Marinated Goat Feta, Farmhouse Goat Brick, Original Goat Feta and your choice of TWO fresh Chèvres, Artisan Crackers and Quince & Apples's Fig & Black Tea Preserves.
Artisan made crackers to pair with your delicious Door County Creamery cheeses.