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Ingredients: Saponified Organic palm, Coconut and Olive Oils, Raw Goat Milk, Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree Essential Oil
You won't use another caramel again! THE FLAVOR EXPERIENCE Organic French Bourbon vanilla beans are generously sprinkled throughout this sweet and velvety caramel sauce. THE STORY Located in central Vermont, Fat Toad Farm uses a herd of 60 Alpine...
10 of Door County Creamery's Mini Goat Milk Soaps packaged in a lovely gift box! *Approximately 1.2oz each *Individually bagged *Made with Organic Olive, Coconut, and Palm Oil, Raw Goat Milk, and Essential or Fragrance Oil *Assorted Scents Only (scents...
Door County Creamery's Mini Goat Milk Soaps! *Approximately 1.2oz each *Individually bagged *Made with Organic Olive, Coconut, and Palm Oil Raw Goat Milk, and Essential or Fragrance Oil *Assorted Scents Only (scents will vary)
Our fresh Chèvre mixed with Black Truffle Oil and Mushrooms. A Decadent treat. Enjoy on EVERYTHING!Ingredients: Goat Milk, Truffle Oil, Mushrooms, Culture, Salt, Enzymes
We originally started making our toasted onion chevre our first year when we ran out of wild ramps for our wild ramp chevre. Problem was that people loved it just as much as our wild ramp chevre that we kept it in the line-up. Our favorite way to eat...
Our Smoked Whitefish Chèvre combines our fresh chèvre with locally smoked whitefish to bring you a match up not to be missed! Ingredients: Goat milk, Culture, Local Smoked Whitefish, Salt, Enzymes
This is one of our most versatile chèvres for cooking. The cheese adds the creaminess and there is no need to add in extra seasoning because it already contains fresh herbs to brighten up any dish. Ingredients: Goat Milk, Fresh Herbs (Thyme,...
Flecks of minced jalapeno stud this soft, creamy, "not to hot" but "not to mild" goat chevre. Perfect for adding a little spice atop a pizza! Ingredients: Goat milk, Culture, Jalapeno, Salt, Enzymes
We forage, cut and dry these sought after baby garlic onions that only grow the first few weeks of spring. A very rare and special cheese.Ingredients: Goat milk, Culture, Wild Ramps, Salt, Enzymes
A customer favorite, our chevre torte is layered with our fresh chevre, olive tapenade, pesto and roasted tomato confit. It's so good we even make it into a sandwich!Ingredients: Goat Milk, Culture, Salt, Enzymes,Pesto (Basil, Olive Oil, Garlic,...
Our plain chèvre is the most versatile canvas of all our chèvres. Eat it plain, add a drizzle of honey for a sweet treat or add it into any of your favorite savory cheese dishes for a rich creamy finish. We use it in everything from salads...
A slightly sweet take on our plain chèvre, our cherry chèvre highlights the wonderful cherries grown here in Door County! Ingredients: Goat milk, Culture, Dried Cherries, Salt, Enzymes
A slightly sweet and tangy addition to our plain chèvre, our Lingonberry chèvre highlights the wonderful Scandinavian heritage here in Door County! Ingredients: Goat milk, Culture, Wild Lingonberries , Pectin, Sugar, Salt, Enzymes
Our take on a southern classic, our pimento chèvre spread packs a spicy punch. Perfect for any party or the ultimate burger! Ingredients: Goat Milk, Cow Milk Cheddar, Pimentos, Jalapeno, Paprika, Pasteurized Egg Yolk, Garlic, Canola/Olive Oil,...
Great for the chef and serious goat cheese lover! Vacuum sealed in vac-pac bag. Please inquire about a wholesale account at info@doorcountycreamery.com.