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Our take on a southern classic, our pimento chèvre spread packs a spicy punch. Perfect for any party or the ultimate burger! Ingredients: Goat Milk, Cow Milk Cheddar, Pimentos, Jalapeno, Paprika, Pasteurized Egg Yolk, Garlic, Canola/Olive Oil,...
Great for the chef and serious goat cheese lover! Vacuum sealed in vac-pac bags. Please inquire about a wholesale account at info@doorcountycreamery.com. 
100% authentic Goat Milk Feta. This cheese is a cross between the dry crumbly Greek Style and the soft French Style Feta. Our Feta is aged at least two months in its own whey brine. Ingredients: Goat Milk, Culture, Salt, Enzymes 5 oz. to 5# options
Our Marinated Feta is a creamy style feta that both crumbles and melts. Vacuumed sealed with the finest olive oil a sprig or rosemary and a few olives, this feta takes on those subtle flavors without being over powering. The perfect quick appetizer, we...
Our fresh goat milk cheese curds carry on the Wisconsin tradition. 
Your choice of four Door County Creamery's fresh Chèvres packed in a custom stamped rustic gift box...treat someone (or yourself),Flavor choices: Plain, Fresh Herb, Wild Ramp, Toasted Onion, Pepper Jack, Cherry, Pimento, Truffle, Smoked...
Your choice of six Door County Creamery's fresh Chèvres packed in a custom stamped rustic gift box...treat someone (or yourself).Flavor choices: Plain, Fresh Herb, Wild Ramp, Toasted Onion, PepperJack, Cherry, Pimento, Truffle, Smoked...
5 of Door County Creamery's Goat Milk Soaps *Approximately 4.5oz each *Choice of five scents *Made with Organic Olive, Coconut, and Palm Oil Raw Goat Milk, and Essential or Fragrance OilScents include: Natural, Oats & Honey, Rosemary Mint, Clementine...
Includes: Door County Creamery Goat Jerky Sausage (6 oz), Volpi Tuscan Fennel Salami (6oz), Volpi Chianti Salami (8oz), Brownwood Farm's Kream Mustard
Includes Door County Creamery's Fresh Herb Chèvre (8oz), Roth's Buttermilk Blue (4 oz), Bleu Mont Dairy's Bandaged Cheddar (6 oz), Door County Creamery Smoked Goat Jerky Sausage (8oz), Volpi Toscano Fennel Salami (8oz), Edmond Fallot's Dijon...
Includes Door County Creamery's Communion Goat Cheddar, Marinated Goat Feta, Farmhouse Goat Brick, Original Goat Feta and your choice of TWO fresh Chèvres, Artisan Crackers and Quince & Apples's Fig & Black Tea Preserves.
100% Goat Meat. Humanely and Naturally Raised on our Farm. Delicious!  6 oz.
The ABSOLUTE BEST GIFT EVER!! Includes Door County Creamery's Communion Cheddar, Marinated Feta, Farmhouse Brick, Original Goat Feta, your choice of TWO fresh chevres, Smoked Goat Jerky Sausage, Volpi Toscano Fennel Salami, Artisan Crackers, Famous...
Artisan made crackers to pair with your delicious Door County Creamery cheeses. 
Give an amazing gift of exploring the parts of Door County Creamery where all of Door County Creamery's favorite products have their beginnings. Recipients can call to set up any date of their choosing during the tour season or sign-up online from...